Tana dell'Istrice
Tana dell'Istrice


The Centro Ippico Pelliccia is on the Appennino tosco-emiliano in the Villaggio di Limestre, borough of San Marcello Pistoiese. (It is 20 minutes by car from Tana dell’istrice).
Here horse and horse-riding lovers can take their first steps and find their own pace in this sport in total serenity. In fact, this stable aims to offer an alternative to those approaching horse-riding for the first time or expert riders, not as an end in itself but centred most of all around the relationship with the horse and with nature.
The setting is one of the most picturesque of the Tuscan Apennines, expanses of green valleys framed by the splendid mountains; a place to get a breath of air and spend unequalled moments with your trusty steed!
It offers individual and group lessons held by specialized staff.
Both the little ones (from 3 years old) and adults will be taught ethological basics starting from how to approach it and how to handle it from the ground, from how to clean it to how to be accepted in the right way.
For more information or to book a lesson:
phone: +39 377 088 3911
E-mail: info@centroippicopelliccia.it


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