Tana dell'Istrice
Tana dell'Istrice

Fly fishing Alto Lima e Sestaione

In the heart of the Pistoia Apennines, where the Val di Lima fades into the enchantment of Abetone, there is the Alto Lima and Sestaione No Kill Fishing Reserve. An enchanting corner for nature-loving fly fishing enthusiasts.
This reserve, one of a kind, is a natural treasure that hosts a thriving population of Mediterranean and Fario trout, symbols of a well-kept and preserved river ecosystem. Here, the No Kill philosophy is not just a fishing practice, but a deep commitment to the conservation of fish fauna and the protection of the environment. Every corner of this extraordinary place speaks of beauty, biodiversity and a balance between man and nature. The Alto Lima and Sestaione No Kill Fishing Reserve is more than just a fishing spot; it is a hymn to nature, a refuge where time stands still and the beauty of the natural world manifests itself in all its grandeur.
More info: www.nokillaltolimaesestaione.it


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Your refuge in the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines

Baita Belvedere welcomes you in the enchanting Pistoia mountains in the Sestaione Valley, a stone’s throw from the Abetone woods and the medieval alleys of Cutigliano. A fairytale setting where you can experience magic moments.

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See also Baita Blevedere
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